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The Institute of Noise Control Engineering of Japan (hearafter, INCE/J) was founded in 1976 after the International Conference on Noise Control Engineering (INTER-NOISE) was held for the first time in Japan in 1975. It was approved as an incorporated body of Environmental Agency of Japan (the present Ministry of the Environment) in 1991. INCE/J promotes the advancement and distribution of science and technology regarding noise and vibration control and contributes to the protection and improvement of our living environment.

Members of INCE/J are with industries, central and local governments and universities. INCE/J covers various fields such as architecture, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, applied physics, physiology and psychology and so on. INCE/J has a membership of about 1300 consisting of Members, Honorary Fellows, Student Members, Firm Members and Supporting Members.

INCE/J publishes "journal of INCE/J" (in Japanese) bimonthly with original papers, technical reports and feature articles on special topics. This journal has been electronic online journal since 2010(refer to the website, http://www.journalarchive.jst.go.jp/english/top_en.php). INCE/J holds annual meetings in spring and autumn every year, and also publishes textbooks and reference books for students, professors and researchers and engineers. Fundamental training courses and technical workshops are periodically planned every year, whereas other lecture meetings or symposia are also planned whenever necessary.

Special Lecture Meeting on Transportation Noise Policies Worldwide

A special lecture meeting was held on SEP 12, 2011 under the sponsorship of INCE/J and ASJ with the support from Environmental Management Bureau, Ministry of the Environment and Engineering Academy of Japan. There were three lectures and panel discussion (Coordinator: Hideki Tachibana); (Lecture-1) William Lang & Tor Kihlman, "Perspectives on Transportation Noise Policies Worldwide," (Lecture -2) Lawrence S Finegold, "Towards a Quieter America ," and (Lecture-3) Mark Bastasch, "Recent worldwide situation on the issues of Wind Turbine Noise. Power Point files of the three lectures have been uploaded with summary and reference papers on the WEB Site by courtesy of the authors. Please feel free to download those on condition you refer to the originality of the lecturers when using those in other papers or presentations.


INCE/J has hosted or sponsored International Conferences, e.g. the International Congress and Exposition on Noise Control Engineering (INTER-NOISE), the International Congress on Acoustics (ICA), the Western Pacific Regional Acoustics Conference (WESTPRAC), and the International Congress on Noise as a Public Health Problem (ICBEN) as follows:

The 4th INTER-NOISE 1975 in Sendai,
The 23rd INTER-NOISE 1994 in Yokohama,
The 7th WESTPRAC 2000 in Kumamoto,
The 18th ICA 2004 in Kyoto,
The 35th INTER-NOISE 2006 in Hawaii,
The 40th INTER-NOISE 2011 in Osaka "Snap-shots at the meeting can be seen.",
The 11th ICBEN 2014 in Nara


INCE/J has 12 Technical Subcommittees:

・ Sound Insulation
・ Floor Impact Sound
・ Noise & Vibration Policies
・ Outdoor Sound Propagation
・ Low Frequency Sound
・ Active Control
・ Sonic Environment Design
・ Machinery Noise Measurement
・ Environmental Vibration Evaluation
・ Road Traffic Vibration Estimation
Socio-Acoustic Survey Data Archive
・ Investigation of High Frequency Sounds


Anyone interested in noise and vibration control shall be eligible for Members of the Institute.  The dues for a Member are 9,000 yen per year.  Members will receive a copy of "Journal of INCE/J" without charge and can participate in any meetings or events promoted by the Institute.

Honorary Fellow
Anyone who has attained eminence in noise and vibration control engineering or who has rendered some outstanding service to the Institute may be admitted to Honorary Fellowship at a General Assembly.  An Honorary Fellow is exempted from member's dues.

Student Member
Any student or graduate student introduced by his/her instructor who is a Member of the Institute is eligible for Student Membership.  The dues for a Student Member are 4500 yen per year.  Student Members are full Members of the Institute except that they do not have voting rights.  Student Members may become Members in the month following graduation.

Organizational Member
Any organization or company such as government offices, universities and libraries is eligible for Organizational Membership for supporting the businesses of the institute. Organizational Members are classified into three namely Membership A, B, and C. The annual dues for each Membership are 40,000 yen, 25,000 yen, and 9,000 yen per year, respectively. An Organizational Member will receive one copy of the Journal for each Membership.

Supporting Member
Any person, cooperation, or organization approving the aims of the Institute and contributing annual dues is eligible for a Sustaining Member of the Institute. The dues for one membership are 40,000 yen per year. A Supporting Member will receive one copy of the Journal for each membership and has certain privileges in the placing of advertisements in the Journal or other publications of the Institute.


INCE/J presents several awards every year.
Morita Sakae Prize for outstanding papers appearing in the Journal published in the recent two years to commemorate Dr. Sakae Morita, the first president of INCE/J.
Prize for distinguished achievements or books in noise control
Prize for outstanding design of sound environment
Prize for outstanding presentations given at the annual meetings

Young Professional Support Programs

INCE/J provides financial support for young members
Michiko So Finegold Memorial Trust for young members to facilitate their travel to national and international professional meetings and conferences


As an activity of INCE/J, a qualification system for Qualified Advanced Engineers (INCE/J/consultants), who are qualified by INCE/J as advanced engineers on noise and vibration control, is established since 1991. This qualification system mainly aims at the improvement of science and technology in noise and vibration control as well as at meeting social request for the preservation of good environment on noise and vibration.



Please contact to The Institute of Noise Control Engineering/Japan.
Postal Address: 3-12-6 Koujimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0083 JAPAN
Tel: +81 3 5213 9797
Facsimile: +81 3 5213 9798
E-mail: office@ince-j.or.jp
Home page: http://www.ince-j.or.jp



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