inter-noise 2011 OSAKA JAPAN September 4-7

Technical Program

The technical program of inter-noise 2011 can be downloaded in PDF format via this link.

Technical Program (PDF)

Instructions for Oral/Poster Presenters (PDF)

Template for Oral presentation (PPT)

Plenary and keynote lectures

The INTERNOISE 2011 Congress will feature two Distinguished Plenary Lectures and six Distinguished Keynote Lectures.

Plenary lectures


Dr. William W. Lang
President, Noise Control Foundation, United States of America
Prof. Tor Kihlman
Professor emeritus at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
“Sound environment as a global issue -- perspectives on global noise policies”


Prof. Yang-Hann Kim
Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Center for Noise and Vibration Control,
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Republic of Korea
“Sound visualization and manipulation: their theories and applications”

Keynote lectures


Dr. Hisashi Sano
Chief Engineer/Senior Chief Advisor,  Honda R&D Americas, Inc., United States of America
“Modern advancements in passive and active noise & vibration control technology in automobiles”


Prof. Stephen A. Stansfeld
Professor, Psychiatry at Barts & The London School of Medicine & Dentistry, Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom
Outcomes of the European Network on Noise and Health (ENNAH)


Mr. Dominique Collin
Head of Acoustics Safran Group, France
“Reducing Aviation Environmental Impact: The Key Role of Networks”


Dr. D. Keith Wilson
Physical Scientist, U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center, United States of America
“Outdoor sound propagation: recent modeling developments and applications to noise control”


Dr. Franck Poisson
Deputy of the manager of the "Physics of the railway system and comfort" department, SNCF, Innovation and Research Department, France
“Acoustic of the railway system: environmental and interior noise”


Dr. Neil J. Mansfield
Reader in Human Factors Engineering, Environmental Ergonomics Research Centre, Loughborough University, United Kingdom
“Protecting people from vibration”

Structured Sessions

No. Session Title
Noise Sources
SS 01 Noise from Information Technology Devices
SS 02 Fan Noise
SS 03 Aeroacoustics - Turbomachinery Noise / Measurement & Control
SS 04 Aeroacoustics - Numerical Simulation
SS 05 Aeroacoustics - Self-Excited Tone
SS 07 Aircraft Noise Prediction and Control
SS 08 Noise Emission and Limitation for In-Service Road Vehicles and Tires
SS 09 Tire/Road Noise - Measurement Methods
SS 10 Tire/Road Noise - Tires (Exterior and In-Vehicle Noise)
SS 11 Tire/Road Noise - Low Noise Road Surfaces
SS 12 Tire/Road Noise - Poroelastic Road Surfaces
SS 13 Tire/Road Noise - Bridge Joints
SS N2 Automobile Exterior and Brake Noise Estimation
SS 14 Electromagnetic Acoustic Noise
SS 15 Railway - Vehicle Interior Noise
SS 16 Railway - Environmental Noise and Vibration 
SS 17 Characteristics and Control of Machinery Noise
SS 18 Nonlinear Acoustics and Underwater Acoustics
SS 19 Marine Vehicle and/or Offshore Structure Noise
SS N1 Duct Noise
Measurement, Simulation and Signal Processing
SS 20 3D Sound Reproduction
SS 21 Numerical Methods in Acoustics
SS 22 Identification and Localization of Noisy Vehicles in Traffic Flow
SS 23 Robust Speech Processing in Noisy Environments
SS 24 Numerical Modeling for Building and Room Acoustics
SS M1 Signal Processing and Analysis
SS M2 Numerical and Computation Techniques
SS 25 Speech Recognition in Noise
SS 26 Acoustical Metrology (Instruments, Measurements, Standards, Uncertainty)
SS 27 Sound Visualization
SS M3 Measuring Techniques
Propagation, Measures and Active Control
SS 28 Acoustics in Workplace - Technology and Performance
SS 29 Materials and Structures for Noise and Vibration Control
SS P1 Sound Absorption Materials and Technology
SS P2 Insulation of Air-borne and Structure-borne Sound
SS 30 Floor Impact Sound - Evaluation and Control
SS 31 Prediction of Sound Transmission in Buildings
SS P3 Lightweight Constructions and Systems
SS 32 Acoustics of Sustainable Buildings
SS 33 Active Noise Control - New Target of ANC
SS 34 Outdoor Sound Propagation in Living Environment
SS 35 Long-Range Propagation of Impulsive Noise
SS 36 Noise Barrier
SS 37 Hearing Protectors
SS P4 Vibroacoustics, Isolation and Damping
SS P6 Room Acoustics
Sound Evaluation
SS 38 Comfortable Sound Design
SS 39 Noise Evaluations Based on Psychoacoustics
SS 40 Low Frequency Noise
SS 41 Quiet Vehicle / Warning Signal for Increased Safety
SS 42 Vehicle Interior Noise
SS 45 Sound Quality Issues in Community Noise
Vibration Evaluation
SS 46 Effect of Vibration on Human
SS 47 Psychological and Physiological Effects of Vibration
SS 48 Multi-modal Sensation or Vibration Evaluation and Multimodal Interaction
SS 49 Standardization of Human Response to Vibration
Environmental Noise
SS 50 Economic Valuation of the Sound Environment
SS 51 Community Noise and Public Health
SS 52 Noise Surveys and Response to Noise
SS 53 Wind Turbine Noise and Its Effects on People
SS 54 Soundscape: From Understanding to Implementation
SS 56 Applications of Soundscape Research in Community Noise Control
SS 57 Challenging Noise Policy: from Local to Global - in honour of Michiko
(Memorial Session)
SS 58 Environmental Noise Management - Achievements from the Past to the Future
SS 59 Strategic Noise Maps for Europe
SS 60 Environmental Management towards Airport Sustainability
SS 61 Balanced Approach of Airport Noise
SS 62 Managing Noise Issues around Airport and Military Facilities
SS 63 Airport Noise Modeling and Monitoring
SS 64 Reducing the Uncertainty to Noise Assessment Using Supplements and Alternatives to A-weighted DNL/DENL
SS 65 Noise Labeling for Noise Policies
SS 66 Building Envelop Design for Noise Mitigation (Traffic Noise Façade Screening)
WS 01 Young Professional Workshop
WS 02 Workshop for International Consortium on NOISE Issues in Developing and Emerging Countries


Workshop for Young Professionals
Workshop-International Consortium on Noise Issues in Developing and Emerging Countries*
  * Funding support for the Workshop for the International Workshop on Noise Issues in Developing and Emerging Countries is being provided by the International Commission on Acoustics (ICA).